Things To Consider Before Rebranding

Don’t let shiny new logos distract you, rebranding can be a long and tedious journey. Rebranding is a process that recreates a business or organization’s identity from the inside out. It changes who you are to the world, so foresight and creativity have to go hand in hand. If your business or organization is thinking of or in the process of rebranding, here are some things to consider in no particular order.

Why Rebrand

There is no one size fits all rebranding. There are many reasons that organizations decide to rebrand, and those diverse reasons will dictate approach. Whether you are changing customer landscape, adding competitive edge, or cleaning up bad PR, it’s important to choose a plan of action that fits the reasoning. Get specific, make tangible plans and consider recruiting the help of a branding agency if need be.

What Is Success  

No one can get to where they need to be if they don’t have a clear definition of what and where that is. Success can have many different faces and facets. What is your organizations looking to achieve with rebranding? What are you willing to invest in terms of time, money and resources? What kind of return is the organization expecting from that investment? Once you have a clear and defined end goal, try to set a few benchmarks along the way ensuring you stay on track.


Do an inventory and find out where the current brand stands. There’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater! Find out what is working and how to extract the value and protect it. Make explicit lists of what’s staying, what’s going, as well as what’s changing and how. This will give the rebranding team clarity and guide strategy.


Communication is the key of execution, great execution will excite your base and entice your new audience. Execution of new branding is a total balancing act. While promoting the shiny new brand it’s important to take time to re-educate the existing customer base about the new changes and ensure they aren’t being left behind, while still garnering excitement from those who are new to the brand.

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