UPDATE: Google Products That Didn’t Make The Cut

Google recently shuttered Google+ after a data breach, and we covered other products that the search giant has closed down over the years.  But those weren’t all the losses. In fact, just yesterday, Google announced that its messaging app Allo, will close down in March of 2019.  Users will be able to export conversation data, so if you did try it out, there’s nothing to fear with losing any important messages.

Horribly late to the messaging game, Allo was doomed to this very short lifespan, though the knowledge gleaned from how machine learning factors into messaging doesn’t completely negate the app’s entire existence.

The pending shutdown seems timely, given Verizon’s launch of RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on December 6. RCS is a carrier-based messaging system that may finally be the competitor Android needed to face up with iMessage.


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