Wearable Technology For Health and Wellness

Constantly evolving technology is changing how we live our lives. From managing our schedules and social lives to tracking health and wellness, the average person in the 21st century relies on smart devices to help run their life. As technology improves, the features that are available to us today become more and more useful.

Technological improvements are not only making strides for better functioning devices, but also for better health. This article from Positive Health Wellness discusses eight ways that modern technology can help make you healthier, from the doctor’s office to your own personal health.

But what can you do to ensure that you are tracking your health and fitness effectively on a personal level? Of course there is the Apple Health app but there are other downloadable apps that specialize in tracking your health like Myfitnesspal for logging food and exercise, Couch to 5K to get new runners up and moving and Sleep Cycle to log sleep patterns.

Even though it’s simple to keep track of your health and fitness patterns with your phone and corresponding apps, perhaps the easiest and now one of the most popular ways to track your habits is through wearable technology in the form of a fitness band or smartwatch. These 6 wearables can change the way you live, workout and more!


Synonymous with fitness tracking, the Fitbit comes in many styles, each with distinct features and designs for whatever activity you are trying to track. Some have screens, others are just a simple band. But all of them are powerful, and track your fitness progress.

Find your match here.

Apple Watch

If you are looking for more than a fitness tracker the Apple Watch is a logical move. Consistent with the style of iPhone’s iOS, this smartwatch pairs fitness with smartphone technology, allowing you to respond to messages, phone calls and other notifications right on your wrist.

Check out the Apple Watch 2 (the most recent model) here.

aHealth Watch

The newest product from Mobile.Net is the aHealth watch. This fitness tracker has unique features that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The aHealth watch can not only monitor activity and sleep, but also blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.

Learn more about the aHeath Watch on Mobile.Net.

Xaomi Band

This colorful and simple band helps you to understand your daily activity without becoming overwhelming. With vibration and light notifications, ability to unlock your phone and a low price point, the Xaomi Band is a great start for those looking to try a wearable that aren’t sure they will like or fully utilize a tracker with more functionality.

Get started with the Xaomi Band here.

Huawei Watch

A smartwatch that looks like an analog watch is exactly what the high powered business person needs. High class, beautiful construction, and a highly effective fitness tracking ability. You are also able to play music offline, utilize Google Assistant and make one touch payments with NFC mobile payments.

See more about the Huawei Watch here.

Technology and health now go hand in hand. How do you integrate tech products or other innovations into your personal health and fitness?


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