Why You Should Be Writing on Medium

The brainchild of Evan Williams (Twitter, Blogger), Medium is described as “a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small.” In other words it’s a great platform for leaders, artists, and thinkers to write and learn about different ideas. So, how marketer’s find leverage on Medium?

Medium, like any content-based field (Forbes, Time), gets hit with thousands of users everyday. Though some may think you’re efforts are only enhancing someone else’s platform, you can think of it as thought leadership content. Would you ever turn down being able to write for Rolling Stone, for example? On Medium, amongst several other reasons, you can access a new audience, experiment with your writing style, and drive traffic to your site or social media. But, wait, doesn’t that apply to any and every social platform out there (Tumblr, etc.)? Here are some Medium specific reasons that’ll make you wonder why you’ve waited to create an account:

Unlike Tumblr or Facebook, the Medium audience is an Internet and writing savvy bunch. They’re more than just your aunt Mary or uncle Joe, they’re brand people, writers, designers, marketers, and product people. They’re people of influence. In short, they’re the perfect demographic for startups and people involved in the marketing or creative industry.

The company blog is not necessarily a place where a copywriter should be exploring various forms of writing or content. This is where Medium comes in. The platform allows you to see what works for a certain type of audience and what doesn’t in a low-risk environment. If people resonate with a more personal approach to writing, great! If they don’t, well, either delete the post or try again. It’s all about coming up with strategies that fit your particular business.

Medium allows users to maximize their marketing funnel (T/M/BOFU).

Top of funnel – first few touches on the site with the goal of a micro-conversion such as an email list subscribe or social media following

Middle of funnel – the next touches where you increasingly take them from outside interest to becoming an advocate and getting closer to buying

Bottom of funnel – where the conversion happens.

As of yet, Medium is at the top of the funnel. Not only can you cross-promote on Medium content, you can also promote on social media. So, how else can you get your content found directly via Medium? Try getting enough people to recommend your article so that it hits the homepage. You can also put your article in trending categories.

Medium is a special sort of platform that allows you to experiment with their content, build links, and drive traffic to your site. Convinced, yet? What other platforms do you find effectively distribute content?