Workplace Wellness Tips

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As the Minnesota winters and flu season continue to draw closer, wellness in the workplace deserves a closer look. This goes beyond staying healthy, though, and looks into employee relationships, mental health and physical well-being.

Happy and healthy employees can bolster productivity, decrease turnover and keep healthcare costs low. A wellness plan can help you achieve a strategy that can improve overall wellness for those in your company. With the year coming to an end, budgets may be tight and resources may be unavailable, but there are plenty of cost-effective ways to get moving on workplace wellness, which can actually save money for companies in the long run.

Here are some ideas:

Flexible Hours

Giving employees the opportunity to set their own schedules can reduce stress by allowing them to have the flexibility to make it to appointments, take a mid-day fitness class, and beat traffic.

Standing Desks

Many studies are calling sitting the new smoking. Standing desks can help with back pain, overall health and even improve productivity.

Fitness Center Access

Gym memberships are expensive, so if you can, offer either subsidization of those costs, or find a space that has its own fitness center on site.

Water Coolers or Filters

The large majority of adults don’t drink enough water, and part of that could simply be an issue of access. Installing a water cooler for fresh, cool water anytime or making sure that there is clean filtered water available can increase employee health as people start to stay hydrated.

Breakroom games

Give employees a break to refresh their minds, build relationships that can develop into better team relationships and come back with boosted creativity by bringing in some breakroom games. Ping Pong, Foosball and even video games are great examples of games that can influence team building and refresh the minds of your employees.


Improve air quality and office appearance by keeping oxygen generating plants throughout your space. The plants will freshen the space in more ways than one.

What wellness perks do you offer in your office? Or what type of perks would you like to see in your workspace?


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