YouChat Mobile Messaging Service

YouChat is a Mobile Messaging Service, that is currently being developed by Acesse. Mobile Messaging is the new frontier in Social Media. Early players are dominating the space, as new companies are rushing to get a share of this exploding phenomenon.

YouChat is Free!

All of our members will be able to use YouChat for free! YouChat will be ad supported giving members the opportunity to reach a highly-targeted member base. Future versions of YouChat will allow Acesse Marketing Consultants to earn money by promoting the service, and related products and services as they become available.

Incorporating the “Best Of The Best” features of Mobile Messaging, along with new proprietary features, YouChat will undoubtedly command a major share of the huge Mobile Messaging market.

With close to a billion registered users currently, Mobile Messaging is still in it’s infancy. There is a huge emerging market in Mobile Messaging, and the strong will survive. YouChat has unique features which will set it apart from the competition.

YouChat transcends geographic borders, and languages

Mobile Messaging is fragmented, with popular local services in different countries with services like: WeChat - China, Line - Japan, Kakoa - Korea, WhatsApp US.

YouChat plans to offer a unified platform, that transcends geographic borders, and languages. The appeal of YouChat is universal, as people everywhere understand pictures and videos, and with the multi-language platform, members will be able to chat in their own language.

Imagine live video chats with friends and family members in multiple locations around the world, all for free. The business applications are endless.

YouChat will no doubt be one of the top Mobile Messaging services in the world.

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